motorcycle mileage enhancer, from metafin solutions 50ml

motorcycle mileage enhancer, from metafin solutions 50ml
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Product Specification

In this modern world, it is very rare to see people without bikes/scooters. For the users convenience many auto companies are releasing new modern and trendy bikes for the people and gratifying their requirements with perfect features in the bike. But, people are looking for some additional accessories for their bikes/scooters in order to increase the performance/mileage of the vehicle. To fulfill the expectations,we have come up with this unique product formulated with advance nano technology which forms a film on the inner surface of the engine.TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT.


Fuel economy:

Save fuel and engine oil,

2225% fuel consumption saved.


lubrication: Greatly improve the lubrication effect; significantly reduce the friction coefficient, 8090%

reductions in engine wear and tear.


protection: Dynamically repair wear and tear, protect the power system for a long time, engine life is extended 2-3 times.


efficiency: Significantly improve the efficiency of mechanical transmission, increase the effective output power, and improve carrying capacity of the vehicle.

Fast start—improves the initial rotation speed, easier to cold start on winter days.


strengthening: restore the engine cylinder pressure. Power increase by 6570

Noise reduction: effectively reduce engine noise and vibration.


prevention: prevent friction parts from corrosive pitting.

Further Details:

User Guide:-

For effective functioning of the enhancer drain the used oil, wait for a while so that all the slurry drains away, than pour the complete bottle of the additive to the oil chamber then add the engine oil. For effective and long lasting effect, use it at every oil change.


1 bottle of 50ml to be used at every oil change (When oil capacity of the engine is 1litre If the capacity is more, additive to be used accordingly. EXCESSIVE USE IS HARMFUL.

Unit Packing:- 50 ML .

thank you.

Year: 2014

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